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I am a kendo player getting ready for the 4-dan test next year and my quickness needs improvement! Of course, in kendo we must have more than just quickness; we want to press the opponent into moving or hesitating so that we can choose our timing and target. We use our mind to gain the advantage first. But still, I felt that my kendo would improve by repetitive training so I created Kendo Dummy. I hope that you can also benefit. Gambate!

Best regards,

Chris Tilt
Kendo 3-dan, USA

Kendo Dummy

Screen Shot 1 Screen shots and "how to" instructions...

How to use Kendo Dummy

It's just like a race: ...RED ...YELLOW ...GREEN. When the light turns GREEN, you GO!

READY... SET... HIT !!
See your time.

These screen shots show the app in motion. First, attach your iPhone/iPod touch to your kendo practice target in a place that it won't get hit. Don't strike your precious iPhone!!! It just needs to be touching the target - the sensor is very good at registering the strike and so it doesn't need to be in danger of getting hit.

Press the play button at lower left to start the countdown in the RED stage. When it gets to 0, the background will turn amber and stay there for a random time (but not more than the countdown time). When the light and background turn GREEN, you hit the target!

KendoDummy will show your time and flash red if it's slower than the last time or green if you improved! Press the reset button at bottom center anytime to clear the "best" time.


The speed and sensitivity controls are pretty good by default, so you don't have to change them unless you need to. But it's kind of fun to play with, so here's you do it...

The app's controls can be adjusted in the setup screen by pressing the button at the bottom right. It opens a screen where you can adjust the sliders to tune the motion sensor and the retry delay to your own training needs. 

When the sensor is moved up, it takes more force to trigger the timer. The default setting works for most cases, but you can make it very sensitive or require a heavy zolt. To help you tune the sensor, the screen's background will flash white when it detects a "hit" that would register your time.

Adjusting the speed slider changes how long the KendoDummy will count down in the RED stage. It gives you time to get back to your starting point and prepare for the next hit. This also controls the maximum time in the YELLOW stage (the actual time is always random between 0 seconds and the speed adjustment's countdown value).

If you have any trouble using Kendo Dummy or think of new features you want, please tell me so that I can improve your experience; use the link below...Thanks!

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